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Variables are perhaps one of the most popular programming concepts known to man! They are great for holding all types of information--but what if you need something more? This lib focuses on providing you a flexible, easy to implement solution that will allow you to bring your games to the next level.

What use does this lib have?

  • Easily add a system for buffing and debuffing stats, attributes and masteries.
  • Create items that can restore health and also buff maximum health when used.
  • With Enhanced Variables you can quickly and easily set up gear that raises strength, HP or MP, or any attribute and stat combination you choose.
  • Save complex data about your stats and load them just as easily.
  • A system for leveling mastery -- such as Magic Mastery 1/ 100 levels.

This purchase contains 3 datums (data constructs) that will allow you to create Stats(such as Health Points), Attributes (such as Strength or Agility) and Masteries (like Sword Skill). Each of these datums allow for easy saving and loading as well as implementation on your projects along with examples on how to do so.

This lib can be used  to create action adventure games (Zelda), RPG games(Final Fantasy) -- essentially any project where players have stats, attributes or mastery.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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